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Let's Grow Your Business with Instagram

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How Does It Work?

Step one

Sign up. On your sign up we will ask for your personal details.

step two

Targeting. We focus on finding the users that have real business impact for you. Tell us who your target audience is, considering location, gender, hashtags and usernames. You can also choose which of the following actions you would like to use: Likes, Comments, Follows, and even Direct Messaging.

step three

Choose your package and Our Instagram bot will start following users and to like & comment on photos according to the targeting that we had set up together. We can also send direct messages automatically to your new followers! We will do just exactly what you asked for!   

step four

The audience that you have targeted will start to enter and to follow your page as a result of our actions. Then they will start to like your photos, to watch your stories, and to buy your products.  

@2017 by Phonder Technologies LTD.

@2017 by Phonder Technologies LTD.

how does it work

Get real organic engagement on your Instagram account

Our social media expert can't wait to start working on your business Instagram page

Let us manage your Instagram account. Instagage will get you real Instagram likes and followers that are going to fall in love with your profile. 

why us

Why Instagage?

24/7 Support

Let our account managers do that hard work for you. We will set up your account and You will get full email support service anytime. Each month we will send statistics directly to your email

Winning Price

 choose the package that best suits your needs. In any case the price will be 
less than $100/month

Audience Targeting

Choose the location, gender, and interest of the audience that will start following your Instagram page
We don't use fake likes or fake followers. With us you get to see real results with real people.

Real organic followers

Our Costumers' Success Stories



-"One of the biggest problems when setting a new account with Instagram is gaining followers, most of the services that I found were only providing me with the option of buying "fake" followers just to make my page looks more popular which wasn't in my intention. Thanks to a friend who used InstaGage in the past I found out about their service and now after only 2 months of having my page connected with their service my company has one of the most popular pages on Instagram" -Anna Pines, Miami F



"Instagage made our social media pictures in to costumers . We managed to add 200 new, real, and super engage users every week. Amazing service!" -Tach Mar, CEO



-" We've tried many different programs to raise our followers on Instagram but these followers were not active or fake, and sometimes the service that we purchased was fake which caused our company to spend inefficient funds until we came upon InstaGage. InstaGage provided us with a great window of new real followers within just a few weeks, they will make sure to provide you with full tutorial of how their service works with great customer service and tech support."-Josh Alberstein, Dallas T



-"InstaGage are the fastest way to help you reach your goal of followers which are your target costumers. By setting an account with InstaGage I gained many new potential leads without spending much money on advertising and within a short term of less then 1 month." -David Campbell, New York NY



-Thank you InstaGage!!! With great customer support from the team of InstaGage my company was able to extend our page with many new features for our costumers, as well gain many new followers from all around the world. Without InstaGage my company would of not been where it is today, Thank you again!" -Alexnder Frieshman, Madrid Spain



-"For only a few dollars a month InstaGage is helping us maintain our Instagram page, always making sure to answer all of our feeds and interact our page to many new followers. The fees are low and the service is beyond great. Thank you InstaGage, our company is grateful for using your service." -Adam Burden, Brooklyn NY

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